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4040 LED
Product Features Compact Right Angle PLCC-2 package 4.0 x 3.6 x 4.0 mm (LxWxH) Compatible with automatic placement equipments Moisture Sensitivity level: 3 RoHS compliant
3528 LEDs
Queendom monochromatic SMD LEDs are available in SMD LED, 3528 led, led3528, led datasheet with regular brightness and high brightness. hey are packaged with AlGaAs, AlInGaP and InGaN chips provided by well-known chip manufacturers, with complete colors.
5050RGB-4 Pin RGB LEDs
The control circuit and the RGB chip are integrated in a 5050 packaged component to form a complete external control pixel. Built-in signal shaping circuit, any pixel point receives the signal after waveform shaping and then output, to ensure that the line waveform distortion will not accumulate. Built-in power-on reset and power-down reset circuits.
 PLCC-4 package.  Intelligent reverse connect protection, the power supply reverse connection does not damage the IC.  The control circuit and the LED share the only power source.  Control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a package of 5050 components, form a complete control of pixel point.  Built-in signal reshaping circuit, after wave reshaping to the next driver, ensure wave-form distortion not accumulate.  Built-in electric reset circuit and power lost reset circuit.
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2012  Multi-Color SMD LED
Queendom offers an extensive range of high qualityMulti-Color SMD LEDs which are small in size, high efficiency and low powerconsumption. Multi-color SMD LED products are divided into Bi-colorand Tri-color SMD LEDs. The bi-color SMD LEDs are available in a wide range ofcolor combinations. The tri-color SMD LEDs provide the freedom to achieve anycombination of colors by mixing the 3 primary colors, which yields a widevariety of colors to suit every application and product theme. These productsuse the industry standard footprint with top-mount, reverse-mount, and rightangle-mount packaging options, and frame type choices including PLCC LED (reflector) and Chip LEDs (PCB).
3227 Bi-Color SMD LEDs
Single color chip LEDs are used in a variety of applications including automotive interior and indication lighting, LCD and push button backlighting, white goods and appliances, industrial measurement and control systems, and for symbol lighting and status indication in computer peripherals and consumer goods.
2018 Bi-Color SMD LEDs
SMDstands for Surface Mounted Devices, a special type of high power LED lights.With no wires, these devices provide less fuss and with seamless application.Instead, SMDs have tiny metallic contacts that can be directly soldered tocircuit boards. Queendom's vast selection of SMD LEDs are sure to fit yourneeds. Our surface mount device LEDs are energy efficient and provide asuperior lighting experience. Queendomoffers a selection of SMD LEDs that are designed to meet the specifications ofyour application. Our SMD LED product offering
Service hotline +0086 -13612789419
Service hotline +0086 -13612789419Service hotline +0086 -13612789419
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