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3528 LEDs

3528 LEDs

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Description:Queendom monochromatic SMD LEDs are available in SMD LED, 3528 led, led3528, led datasheet with regular brightness and high brightness. hey are packaged with AlGaAs, AlInGaP and InGaN chips provided by well-known chip manufacturers, with complete colors.

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Model: 3528 SMD   LEDs Clear   Size: 3.5*2.8mm



TypeEmitted ColorPower/WWavelenght   λd (nm)/CCT(K)LUMINOUS INTENSITYΦe(mcd)FORWARD VOLTAGE VF (V)Viewing Angle 2Ө 1/2Lens Type
S3528R3ARed 0.066206301806001.82.2120±3°Clear
S3528W3AWarm  White0.062500400060025003.23.6120±3°Clear
S3528W3APositive  white 0.065000800060025003.23.6120±3°Clear
S3528W3ACool  white0.0690002000060025003.23.6120±3°Clear
S3528RGBARed 0.066206301806001.82.2120±3°Clear

product properties:

Using epistar chip, hightemperature resistant Japanese glue, 99.99% pure gold wire welding;

Colloid color: can becustomized according to requirements: colored fog, colorless fog, colored andtransparent, colorless and transparent

Luminous color: can becustomized according to requirements: white, red, orange, yellow, ordinarygreen, emerald green, blue, two colors

Light emitting angle: 120±5°(the angle can be adjusted according to customer requirements)

Product features: highlight efficiency, anti-high temperature, anti-dead lamp, anti-static

Certification standards:SGS certificate in line with EU ROHS, EN60425, REACH standards

The color of 3528 LEDs is very rich, there are 3528 yellow light, 3528 orange light, 3528 blue light, 3528 green light, 3528 purple light, 3528 red light,

 3528 warm white light, 3528 positive white light, 3528 cold white light and other specifications. Of course, this is just a single-color 3528 lamp bead. In fact, 

3528 lamp beads also have two-color and three-color RGB full-color lamp beads. Even, 3528 also has a variety of colorful lamp bead models such as red

 light, white light, orange light, yellow-green light, emerald light, blue and purple light, pink light, infrared light and so on.

3528  LEDs 

3528  LEDs size: 3.5X2.8MMx1.9mm.

The power of 3528 lamp beads is larger than that of 0402 lamp beads, 0603 lamp beads, 0805 lamp beads, and 1206 lamp beads, but the power is 

comparable to them, so it has been favored by many engineers.

3528 lamp beads are mainly used in: indoor lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting. Such as LED lighting products, LED decorative products,

 LED backlight products, lighting lighting, backlight display (LCD, billboards), car lights, etc.

3528 lamp beads application features:

1. The light decay is small. After the LED works, 20mA is normally continuously lit, and the brightness will gradually increase. When it reaches about 

1500 hours, the brightness increases by 12%; after 10,000 hours, the light decay is lower than 25%.

2. The maximum passing current of the patch is 40mA, normal 20mA, and 30mA lighting does not affect the light decay.

3. High brightness, concentrated color area, large angle, bottom thermal resistance, ultra-low light decay process, long life.

Guangdong Queendom Technology specializes in the production The quality can reach the latest standards of European and 

Americancountries. The company’s main products: LED lamp beads,

LED light-emitting diodes,in-line lamp beads, high-power lamp beads, SMD LED lamp beads, LED lamps, LEDUVlamps, LED

disinfection lamps, has a mature and complete LED lamp

manufacturingsystem, Dongguan LED lamp packaging manufacturer, LED lamp customization, LEDlamp manufacturer

Service hotline +0086 -13612789419
Service hotline +0086 -13612789419Service hotline +0086 -13612789419
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