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1606 SMD LEDs
Singlecolor chip LEDs are used in a variety of applications including automotiveinterior and indication lighting, LCD and push button backlighting, white goodsand appliances, industrial measurement and control systems, and for symbollighting and status indication in computer peripherals and consumer goods. Lowpower consumption, small size and easy assembly make the Chip LED ideal forbacklighting smartphone handsets as well as backlighting industrial displays.Only aportion of Queendom's product information is available on this website. Pleasecontact Queendom for any unfound or custom-made items.
1005 SMD LEDs
Queendom offers a selection of SMD LEDs that are designed to meet the specifications of your application. Our SMD LED product offering is most commonly used for portable devices, company consumer electronics, industrial handheld devices and more. Contact Queendom today for more information about the products below.
1608 Bi-Color SMD LEDs
LED display: indoor and outdoor billboards, sports scoreboards, information displays, etc reading lighting (reading lights for airplanes, trains and cars), Safety lighting: miner's lamp, explosion-proof lamp, emergency lamp, safety indicator lamp;switch backlights, Backlight: LCD, LCD TV backlight.
3010  Bi-Color SMD LEDs
Product Introduction-Model:3010 SMD lamp beads SMD product features: ● Small size ● High brightness ● Low attenuation ● Instant light up ● Super long life ● Various colors to choose Product application: ● Backlight module ● Car interior ● High-end digital ● Signal indication ● Smart home ● Industrial equipment
Service hotline +0086 -13612789419
Service hotline +0086 -13612789419Service hotline +0086 -13612789419
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