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High Power LEDs
3W Multi-Color LED's
product properties: Main chips: US Preh, Cree CREE, Toyoda Gosei, Osram NICHIA, CREE, Preh, Xuming, Epistar, New Century Chip specifications: chip sizes such as 10*30mil, 14*28mil, 38*38mil, 40*40mil, 45*45mil, etc.; Material selection: high temperature resistant Japanese glue, 99.99% pure gold wire welding; Power factor: general power numbers are: 0.25w, 0.5w, 1w, 3w, 5w, 8w, 10w, etc. The main brightness unit is lm (lumens) Package form: in-line, SMD, imitation lumen medium and high power
10MM straw hat 1W  LED
Custom color temperature ranges areavailable.HighPower LED products are used in a variety of applications including Contourlighting, Stairway lighting, Outdoor floodlights, Landscape lighting, Securityand Automotive and more. Queendom Light offers many kinds of high power LEDswhich are categorized by Forward (Driven) Current, Flux, Color temperature andCRI. The parametric filters on our website can help refine your search resultsdepending on the required specifications.
10MM straw hat mid-power LED
high power LEDs generatea large amount of heat, special heat dissipation technologies are used withthem. Queendomoffers a variety of high power LEDs for a wide range of lighting applications.High power LEDs include 1W, 3W, 5W and other options, and white color typesinclude cool white, neutral white and warm white, which are in different colortemperature range from 2600K to 11000K. Custom color temperature ranges areavailable.HighPower LED products are used in a variety of applications including Contourlighting,
2835 SMD LEDs-0.2W-1W
product properties: Using epistar chip, high temperature resistantJapanese glue, 99.99% pure gold wire welding; Colloid color: can be customized according torequirements: colored fog, colorless fog, colored and transparent, colorlessand transparent Luminous color: can be customized according torequirements: white, red, orange, yellow, ordinary green, emerald green, blue,two colors Light emitting angle: 120±5° (the angle can beadjusted according to customer requirements) Product features: high light efficiency,anti-high temperature, anti-dead lamp, anti-static Certification standards: SGS certificate in linewith EU ROHS, EN60425, REACH standards Packing: 3000/4000pcs/bag in anti-static bag
3W High Power LED
High-power LED lamp beads are a kind of LED lamp beads. Compared with low-power LED lamp beads, high-power LED lamp beads have higher power, brighter brightness and higher price. Low-power LED lamp beads have a rated current of 20mA, and those with a rated current higher than 20mA can basically be counted as high-power. General power numbers are: 0.25w, 0.5w, 1w, 3w, 5w, 8w, 10w, etc.
1W High Power LED
 The series is available in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and White. The White Power LED is available in the range of color temperature from 2700K to 10000K  This 3W Power LED Light Source is a high energy efficient device which can handle high thermal and high driving current. The exposed pad design enables excellent heat transfer from the package to the motherboard  The package design is suitable for a wide variety of applications especially where height is a constraint.
1W Multi-Color HighPower LED's
eatures:  long operating life  Small footprint and low profile  Energy efficient  High current operation  Silicone encapsulation  Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K and 10000K  The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant Version
10mm 1W high power LED
Model: 10mm 1W high power LEDRoHS, REACH certification Size: φ10mm Features: Low light decay, high luminous brightness, high efficiency and power saving, stable performance, long life, simple use and many other advantages. The product has undergone rigorous reliability experiments and has high reliability. Application areas: home lighting, LED flashlights, indicator lights, electronic displays, automotive industry, light strips, lighting, communication equipment, televisions, electronic toys, lighting industry, automotive industry and other fields. Product drawings:
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