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QUEENDOM Technology specializes intheproduction and sales: SMD 2835 LED lamp beads, 2835 high voltage LEDlampbeads, SMD high voltage lamp beads, 2835 SMD light-emitting diodes, SMDLEDs,SMD 2835 lamp beads, high voltage drive SMD lamp beads, LEDLight-emittingdiode, LED chip lamp beads, 1W2835 lamp beads and other series ofchip LED lampbeads
2012  Multi-Color SMD LED
Queendom offers an extensive range of high qualityMulti-Color SMD LEDs which are small in size, high efficiency and low powerconsumption. Multi-color SMD LED products are divided into Bi-colorand Tri-color SMD LEDs. The bi-color SMD LEDs are available in a wide range ofcolor combinations. The tri-color SMD LEDs provide the freedom to achieve anycombination of colors by mixing the 3 primary colors, which yields a widevariety of colors to suit every application and product theme. These productsuse the industry standard footprint with top-mount, reverse-mount, and rightangle-mount packaging options, and frame type choices including PLCC LED (reflector) and Chip LEDs (PCB).
3227 Bi-Color SMD LEDs
Single color chip LEDs are used in a variety of applications including automotive interior and indication lighting, LCD and push button backlighting, white goods and appliances, industrial measurement and control systems, and for symbol lighting and status indication in computer peripherals and consumer goods.
2018 Bi-Color SMD LEDs
SMDstands for Surface Mounted Devices, a special type of high power LED lights.With no wires, these devices provide less fuss and with seamless application.Instead, SMDs have tiny metallic contacts that can be directly soldered tocircuit boards. Queendom's vast selection of SMD LEDs are sure to fit yourneeds. Our surface mount device LEDs are energy efficient and provide asuperior lighting experience. Queendomoffers a selection of SMD LEDs that are designed to meet the specifications ofyour application. Our SMD LED product offering
1615 Bi-Color SMD LEDs
Patch product features: Small size 、High brightness 、 Low attenuation 、 Instant lighting、Long life 、Multiple colors to choose from
2835 SMD LEDs-0.2W-1W
product properties: Using epistar chip, high temperature resistantJapanese glue, 99.99% pure gold wire welding; Colloid color: can be customized according torequirements: colored fog, colorless fog, colored and transparent, colorlessand transparent Luminous color: can be customized according torequirements: white, red, orange, yellow, ordinary green, emerald green, blue,two colors Light emitting angle: 120±5° (the angle can beadjusted according to customer requirements) Product features: high light efficiency,anti-high temperature, anti-dead lamp, anti-static Certification standards: SGS certificate in linewith EU ROHS, EN60425, REACH standards Packing: 3000/4000pcs/bag in anti-static bag
2016 SMD LEDs
Queendomoffers a selection of SMD LEDs that are designed to meet the specifications ofyour application. Our SMD LED product offering is most commonly used forportable devices, company consumer electronics, industrial handheld devices andmore. Contact Queendom today for more information about the products below. Singlecolor chip LED products are available in standard and high brightness colors.We adopt our proven AlGaAs, AlInGaP and InGaN technology
257 Square  Diffused  LEDs
Queendom rectangular through hole LED products are designed for indicator applications, backlighting, industrial equipment, and more. These RGB LEDs features include low power consumption, uniform light output and are available in a variety of colors. Browse our selection, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for please contact us. Through-hole Rectangular LEDs are offered in a variety of packages such as 1.0*5.0mm, 2*3mm, 1.9*3.9mm, 2*5mm, 3*3mm, 3.7*6.3mm, 5*5mm, with integrated built-in resistor or low current options, and color choices include green, red, yellow, white, blue and orange.
Service hotline +0086 13612789419
Service hotline +0086 13612789419Service hotline +0086 13612789419
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