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Taobao Taiwan: Starting from 11 o'clock,

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Taobao Taiwan: Starting from 11 o'clock, the front desk functions such as placing orders on Taobao Taiwan platform will be closed successively, and operations will cease at the end of the year

[ report reporter Zhao Youping and Zhu Mengying] On the morning of October 15, Taobao Taiwan issued a "Taobao Taiwan Business Plan Adjustment Announcement" on its official website, stating that after careful evaluation, it decided to close Taobao Taiwan from 11:00 on October 15 The front desk functions such as placing orders on the platform, and other services on the platform (such as e-wallet withdrawal, official logistics, etc.) will continue to operate until December 31 this year, and then officially go offline.

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According to a report by Taiwan's Zhongshi, Taiwan’s economic department said some time ago that British Commercial Celada opened Taobao Taiwan’s online shopping platform in Taiwan in October last year. The Alibaba Group behind it has substantial control over the company and has violated the “Cross-Strait Regulations”. .

Taobao Taiwan issued a statement today (15th) stating that starting from 11 o'clock this morning, the platform will close the platform's order placement, seller entry, and product listing functions. At the same time, it will fully assist sellers to fulfill established transaction orders as soon as possible, and simultaneously protect consumers and sellers The rights of both parties. From now until the end of December, it will focus on processing consumer order refunds and subsequent cash flow and logistics services.

According to China Times News, it is reported that Taobao Taiwan’s withdrawal from the Taiwan market was decided by the company’s board of directors. Taobao Taiwan opened its station in October last year. In order to avoid restrictions on land-owned assets by laws and regulations, Taobao Taiwan is licensed by Alibaba Group through its brand. Shangke Radar invests in the operation of the Taiwan branch, including the B2C model of the mall and the C2C model of individual sellers.

According to reports, Taobao Taiwan only opened its website in Taiwan in October last year, and currently there are about 30 million items on the website. After the Double 11 period last year, Taobao Taiwan's downloads exceeded 2 million, and it is growing steadily. The monthly performance growth rate is about 15%-20%, which is steady upward.

Taobao Taiwan stated that after the cessation of operations, its employees will continue to resign, and will properly arrange employees' follow-up employment assistance, and provide consultations on resume health checks and resume referrals, and cooperate with many well-known professional human resources consulting companies to share suitable Related vacancies.

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