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2021 19th Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition

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2021 The 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition

Time: April 21-28, 2021 Venue: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, No.333 Songze Avenue, Shanghai. Exhibition scale: total area is estimated to be 360,000 square meters, audience: 1 million people (expected) Exhibition promotion: 3,000 Enthusiastic reports from the media and 10,000 reporters (expected)

The theme of the exhibition "Embrace Change"

With the new round of technological revolution brought about by industrial changes and continuous changes in the consumer market, the connotation and extension of automobile manufacturing and automobile consumption are undergoing tremendous changes. The new trends of electrification, intelligence, and connectivity are gradually restructuring the industry structure. The continuous emergence of various innovative technologies and innovative concepts has not only fully stimulated the enthusiasm for innovation of leading Chinese and global automotive companies, but also introduced the automotive industry A large number of new cross-border forces. We believe that this will make the automotive industry with a century of development more exciting.


Although the new crown epidemic is still spreading globally and the global automotive industry is still facing tremendous pressure from industry adjustments, we firmly believe that companies that respond to market changes and challenges with an active and enterprising attitude will become the winners in the future. The 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (Auto Shanghai 2021) with the theme of "Embracing Change" will actively embrace the new industry momentum under the digital new economy, grasp the development opportunities of "new infrastructure", and drive the new energy automobile industry. Enter the "fast lane" of development to provide a larger stage; fully tap the penetration and spillover effects of new technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence and the traction of the development of the automotive industry, making the automotive industry revolution an epitome of leading smart changes in future cities .

This is the age of technology and innovation. Only by relying on innovation to empower and embrace change can we win the future together. In April 2021, the Shanghai International Auto Show will once again step onto the forefront of the times in the eyes of the world's attention, with more innovation and forge ahead.

Range of exhibition:

Various passenger cars, commercial vehicles, new energy vehicles, special vehicles, RVs, etc.;

Automobile design and new concept products;

New energy technologies and products, etc.;

Technologies and products such as automotive intelligence and networking;

Parts and components, including: drive parts, chassis parts, body parts, standard parts, car interiors, charging accessories, etc.;

Electronics and systems: including electrical appliances, vehicle lighting, electronic systems, comfort electronics, etc.;

Automobile security and anti-theft system;

Automobile measuring, testing and diagnosis equipment;

Various repair and maintenance equipment;

Car maintenance supplies;

Automobile oil, paint, lubricant, additives, etc.

Automobile-related manufacturing equipment, technology and tools, etc.;

Car service etc.

All kinds of books, newspapers and other related services.


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