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Advantages of T10 waterproof lamp for household application

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At present, most of the lamps used in kitchen and bathroom in many families are waterproof lamps, and the application of T10 waterproof tubes is more common. Because many users' understanding of waterproof lamps focuses on waterproof, they do not know why such lamps are very hot. Next, let's talk about the advantages of waterproof lamps used in home.


Energy saving and power saving, durable


T10 waterproof lamps are used in many kitchens and bathrooms in families, and their advantages are not only waterproof but also power saving. Because the brightness of the current waterproof lamp tube is not completely dependent on the power, the 12W waterproof lamp tube will be very bright when used in the kitchen or bathroom. At the same time, the waterproof lamp tube will save 80% energy than the ordinary incandescent lamp. In addition, its waterproof feature is not afraid of the water vapor in the kitchen or bathroom. Therefore, it is favored by consumers with its advantages of durability and power saving.


No radiation light comfortable


In fact, we also need to know about the safety of T10 waterproof lamp. On the one hand, the waterproof lamp itself has the waterproof ability and the internal circuit board is a clear wave circuit board, so that its heat dissipation is not easy to fail. Users do not need to worry about the circuit safety. On the other hand, many lamps in the past have problems such as ultraviolet light, and the waterproof lamp does not have any radiation to protect the eyes, which is one of the hidden advantages of this type of lamp.


Now many families will use T10 waterproof lamps when they are decorating, because it is durable and eye healthy, and it is more energy saving than other lamps. With the increase of brands and models of various waterproof lamps, users can also purchase specific waterproof lamps according to the decoration style of kitchen and bathroom, so as to improve the beauty of lamps and lanterns while getting a good use experience.

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