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What is the price difference of T12 waterproof lamp

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Now there are many channels to buy waterproof tubes and different brands, so users will get different quotations when consulting the price of T12 waterproof tubes. Under the same size and specification, the prices of waterproof lamps will also vary. Next, we will talk about the factors that lead to different prices, so that users can make a reference when choosing.


Continuous iteration and improvement of production process

When we consulted the quotation of T12 waterproof lamp, we got a different quotation. One of the reasons is the production process. The waterproof lamp tube has a complex structure and should conform to the GB and other standards of the industry. In this case, how the manufacturer's production process directly determines whether the lamp tube is durable. The reason why the price of any brand lamp tube is high is that with years of production experience, the lamp tube process updates and iterations are constantly improved, so as to ensure that the failure rate of the lamp tube is low and the lighting effect is good. This is the impact of the brand on the price and quality.


The quality of application accessories is guaranteed


When comparing the quotations of different T12 waterproof lamps, it is natural to pay attention to details such as the list of accessories. Many waterproof lamps with higher prices use high-quality accessories in terms of accessories. For example, lamp beads are often old brands such as Philips and Hongli. At the same time, circuit boards use all glass fiber circuit boards with better heat dissipation and thinner thickness. The quality of each accessory is guaranteed to ensure that the actual use experience of waterproof lamps is good. At the same time, in addition to the process and quality of the lamps, Packaging and transportation services provided by manufacturers will also affect prices.


The above inventory is the reason why T12 waterproof lamp has different quotations. Understanding the factors that affect the price of waterproof lamp can reasonably judge its price rationality. In this way, you can compare the order details to view the quotation details during purchase, and you can buy a satisfactory waterproof lamp within the budget.

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