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How to select T6 waterproof tube with good quality

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Waterproof lamps are used in many fields when using and installing lamps, among which T6 waterproof lamps are common sizes. Users will naturally care about the quality of waterproof lamps when they buy them, so they need to know which aspects and details will affect their quality. Next, let's talk about this topic.

Pay attention to the brand and parameters of accessories

When choosing T6 waterproof lamp, the first thing to pay attention to is the accessories and parameters. For any lamp, the lamp bead is the key to determine the lighting effect. Therefore, we can understand the lamp bead parameters and brands of the waterproof lamp tubes. Many high-quality waterproof lamps use Philips or Osram and other brand lamp beads. In addition, we need to understand the waterproof grade and the applied sealing silica gel. The high-quality waterproof lamp tubes are both the inner and outer layers of waterproof silica gel with high-quality AB glue, Of course, we also need to know that the waterproof grade, such as IP65/IP67, is higher.


Understand process and design concept

In addition to the parts that will affect the quality of T6 waterproof tubes, the design concept and process cannot be ignored, which is why we should pay attention to the strength of manufacturers. The heat dissipation design is the key for any lamp. For example, some waterproof lamps use full glass fiber circuit boards with a thickness of only 1.2 mm. Such circuit boards have low water absorption and good heat dissipation. Of course, if our waterproof lamps are used underwater, the heat dissipation requirements can be appropriately reduced, but the lighting process of lamps should also be emphasized.

When selecting T6 waterproof tubes, we should not only pay attention to the accessories, but also understand the production process and design concept of the lamp manufacturer, and then select the appropriate waterproof tubes according to the application environment and needs of our lamps.

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