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What details should be considered when selecting emergency lighting fixtures

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There are perfect emergency lighting systems in both office buildings and factory buildings. The selection of lighting fixtures is particularly important when deploying emergency equipment, because emergency lights are related to whether there are sustainable light sources after power failure. What details should be considered when selecting such fixtures? Let's talk about this topic next.

Select lamps according to the installation environment

When selecting emergency lighting fixtures, the first thing to consider is to select the fixtures according to the installation environment and needs. There are many types of emergency lights. For example, the common emergency lights in the plant belong to emergency ceiling lights, which can only be started when the power is cut off in the plant area. Many emergency lights in office buildings belong to rechargeable emergency lights. In addition to continuous lighting after the power is cut off, these emergency lights can also be automatically started at a fixed time. Many office buildings use this type of emergency lights for night travel.


Pay attention to the lighting area of parameter configuration


When selecting emergency lighting lamps, it is natural to pay attention to parameter configuration, especially the effective lighting range. Take the ceiling emergency light as an example, most of them are round lampshades. In order to improve the effective lighting range, a 150 ° internal wide-angle mirror is built in. The power depends on the installation environment. For example, 24W power is common in the factory, and the manufacturer's production standards behind the emergency light are known. These are directly related to the emergency lighting effect.


Because the application of emergency lighting is very common in plants, office buildings and other places, you should do your homework before choosing, especially after understanding the local emergency lighting system, you can choose the emergency lights with the same parameter configuration and type according to our needs, and ensure that the installation location meets the actual use requirements.

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