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Flat top Super Flux LEDs

Flat top Super Flux LEDs

Release time:2022-02-26 19:15:07

Description:Super Flux LEDs specifications mainly include 3mm, 5mm, 8mm and flat-top LEDs According to the shape of packaging colloid: round head \ bullet head and flat head. Super Flux LEDs by color: Red Super Flux LEDs, green Super Flux LEDs, Blue Super Flux LEDs, white Super Flux LEDs, purple Super Flux LEDs and orange Super Flux LEDs, Yellow-light Super Flux LEDs and other specifications

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Product details


Product parameters:

· Color temperature: 2000-3000-4000-5000-6000-8000-10,000-15000K

· Voltage: 3.0-3.2V

· Current: 20mA, 60mA, 150mA

· Power: 0.06W, 0.2W, 0.5W

· Luminous Angle: 90°

Product features:

· Waterproof and uv resistant, small size and easy to install. High brightness, good light spot, complete Angle, 

easy to distribute light, preferred light source for car lamp lighting.

· The supports are all silver plated and hung with plated supports; All made of pure gold wire; High temperature resistant glue, 

can be used by wave soldering.

· CREE, Osram, Crystal and SAN 'an genuine chip package.






Typical applications:

Products are widely used in:

Turn signal lamp, brake lamp, alarm lamp, stage lamp, line lamp, wall washing lamp and other indoor and outdoor 

lighting products


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