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10mm IR Infrared LED

10mm IR Infrared LED

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Description: Features: 1.Emitted color: Colored transparent 2. Circularity: ψ10 3. Compatible 4. Long life solid-state reliability 5. LED Chip material:GaInn/Gan   Applications: 1. Remote Control 2.Automatic Control System

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Model: 10mm IR Infrared LED Round DIP Leds   Size: φ10mm


1. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches).

2. Tolerance is±0.25mm(0.01”) unless otherwise specified.

3. Lead spacing ismeasured where the leads emerge from the package.

4. Specifications aresubject to change with notice.


Peak parameters:

Notes:*1:IFP Conditions--PulseWidth100μsandDuty1%. *2:Soldering time5second

Product number::Absolute Maximum Rating(At TA=25°C)


Luminous intensity is measured with a light sensor and filtercombination that approximates the CIE eye-response curve.1/2

is the o-axis angle where the luminous intensity is 1⁄2the peak intensity.c.   The dominant wavelength (λd) is derived from

the CIEchromaticity diagram and represents the single wavelength which defines thecolor of the device.


Using Taiwanchip packaging, high temperature resistant glue, 99.99% pure gold wire welding;good product consistency,

low light decay, high brightness

Colloid color:can be customized as required: colored fog, colorless fog, colored transparent,colorless transparent)

Luminous color:

Light-emittingangle: 35±5° (the angle can be adjusted according to customer requirements)

Product foot length:long foot (26.5mm) or short foot (16.5mm) can be bent and cut according torequirements

Certificationstandards: SGS certificate in line with EU ROHS, EN60425, REACH standards

Packing:500-1000pcs/bag in anti-static bag


Application areas:

灯珠案例-红外遥控器 (1).jpg

灯珠案例-红外 (2).jpg

1. Remote control sensor, concealed infrared surveillance camera, infrared supplementary light emitting tube

, household appliances, 3C digital products, lighting, gift toys, traffic signal light applications, communication

product applications and other fields,

2. Infrared emission tube (infrared lamp tube) can be widely used in infrared cameras, audio output and other

infrared reference products. The power of the chip inside usually determines the emission distance, but the

effect of the infrared surveillance camera is related to the angle of the infrared diode and the number of lamp

groups. , Machine board, lens, etc. Infrared cameras are designed to be closer and use larger-angle IR emitters,

and must match the angle of view of the lens; for those above 20 meters, Taiwan’s positive

12mil or above chip must be used, as well as those from Japan. Due to the disorderly competition in the market,

the advertised illumination distance and actual visual distance concepts of manufacturers are unclear. In order

to reduce production costs, most small infrared camera manufacturers use a large number of domestic and

Taiwanese 10mil, 8mil chips, and even bulk wafer packages ( Including the defective product of the IR emission

tube of the packaging factory) make positive infrared lamps to assemble the camera. It is recommended that

users who run long distances still use the positive-type chip packaged IR transmitter tube, which has relatively

slow attenuation and clear night vision. .

An infrared emitter, or IR emitter, is a source of light energyin the infrared spectrum. It is a light emitting diode (LED) that is

used inorder to transmit infrared signals from a remote control. In general, the morethey are in quantity and the better the

emitters are, the stronger and widerthe resulting signal is. A remote with strong emitters can often be usedwithout directly

pointing at the desired device. Infrared emitters are alsopartly responsible for limits on the range of frequencies that can

becontrolled. An IR emitter generates infrared light that transmits informationand commands from one device to another.

Typically one device receives thesignal then passes the infrared (IR) signal through the emitter to anotherdevice.

Queendom offers many of the most common types categorized by wavelength,angle of half intensity, intensity, packaging type

and forward (drive) current.The most common sizes for wavelength are 875nm, 850nm, 940nm.

A. Infrared LED with wavelength of 940nm: suitable to be usedin remote controller, such as remote controllers for household


B. 850nm: suitable to be used in video cameras that are appliedin digital photography, monitoring system, door phone, theft-

proof alarm and soon.

C. 870nm: suitable to be used in IrDA compatible datatransmission, IR illumination for CCTV, miniature light barriers, Photointerrupter,

optical switches, shaft encoders and more.

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