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Is LED light waterproof?

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The so-called waterproof lighting is a lamp with waterproof function that can emit light. Because of its outstanding waterproof performance, it is widely used in daily life, especially in rainy and humid cities in the south.

The importance of waterproof lighting

In some open-air places, it is very important to use waterproof lighting fixtures. If the city street lights are not waterproof, the short circuit will fail when it rains, and the citizens will be unable to walk at night; if the car lights are not waterproof, the road will not be seen clearly during driving, which will increase the risk of accidents. So it is very important to use waterproof lighting.

Second, the advantages of waterproof lighting

1. Low energy consumption and good energy saving effect.

The waterproof lighting has good heat dissipation performance, produces less energy consumption, and has a longer service life than ordinary incandescent lamps. The service life of ordinary waterproof lighting can reach more than 40,000 hours.

2. Safety and environmental protection

At present, the most common waterproof lighting in the market is LED with the best effect. The materials it uses are safe and durable, and there is no radiation such as ultraviolet rays. It does not cause any damage to the human body and the ecological environment. It is very safe to use waterproof LED lighting. Eco-friendly choice.

3. Wide range of use

Waterproof lighting is widely used in many places because of many advantages such as energy saving and environmental protection, long service life, safety and efficiency, and good color rendering. There are waterproof lights found in the figure.


The above is some knowledge about waterproof lighting, from which we can see: the usefulness of waterproof lighting is still very large, and it plays a unique role in our life, especially in open spaces.

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