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walk in freezer lights

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Traditional products of LED lamps not only consume a lot of electricity, but also generate a lot of heat. So in the end is to speed up the refrigeration system to compensate for the heat discharge, which will increase the cost.


Assuming that you have chosen to improve the insulation material in the building or the underground environment while optimizing its system to reduce cooling costs, it is better to use LED cold room lights and LED freezer lights to effectively solve the problem.

The lighting angle of the cold storage lamp is 360 degrees, which leads to the waste of light. Lamps with a lifespan of only 10,000 hours originally will have a further shortened lifespan in cold storage environments.



LED cold storage light can prevent moisture and output high quality light even at low temperature. LED freezer lighting is an industry technology for cold applications. If you don't know which luminaire to choose, please contact us.

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Maybe it can solve the problem of LED freezer light difference lighting for you.

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