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How do you wire LED tube lights?

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The T8LED tube is equipped with a constant current source and requires no ballast or starter. Generally speaking, for lamps above T8LED tube, since the lamp space is large enough, a constant current source can be installed in the lamp. Therefore, during the installation process, the ballast and starter in the original bracket can be disassembled without use, and the lamp tube can be directly installed.

T5 and T4 LED fluorescent lamps cannot install a constant current source due to the small tube, so the constant current source can only be installed on the bracket. Therefore, general manufacturers will configure brackets when making T4\T5. The stand is equipped with a constant current source. Furthermore, the tubes are oriented when installed. The direction is reversed and the light does not come on. We are thinking of adding some conversion circuitry so that it will work even if the lamp is mounted upside down.

Voltage: Although T8 LED light has wide voltage adaptability, it can work fine for AC 85V-AC 245V. However, if the voltage is too high or too low for a long time, it will affect the power factor of the constant current source, that is to say, it will have a slight impact on the energy saving effect. At the same time, it will also affect the life of the constant current source. Therefore, it is generally necessary to select a fluorescent tube with a suitable voltage. For example, in the case that the city power is 110V, we should use our specially designed 110V city power fluorescent tubes.

Heat dissipation: The LED light comes with an aluminum heat dissipation housing. Under normal circumstances, there is no problem with heat dissipation. However, if it is used in a place with heavy dust, it should be cleaned regularly to prevent dust from covering the radiator and affecting the heat dissipation.

Waterproof: The LED fluorescent lamp consists of upper and lower parts: the upper part is an aluminum radiator, and the lower part is a diffuser. There is a gap at the connection. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent oil fume and water vapor from entering. If it is used in a place with thick smoke and water vapor, it is recommended to cover it. A normal protective cover will suffice.

Vibration: LED fluorescent lamps are highly resistant to vibration. As long as it is not a violent impact, it generally does not cause damage. But it may affect the diffuser to some extent. Traditional fluorescent lamps are made of glass and have a near-vacuum inside. Vibration may cause explosion. Pay special attention to vibration.



There are two cases for T8LED lamp installation

When installing, remove the original fluorescent lamp, replace it with an LED fluorescent lamp, and remove the ballast and starter, so that the 220V AC power can be directly added to both ends of the LED fluorescent lamp. (common in EU)

When installing, remove the original fluorescent lamp, replace it with an LED fluorescent lamp, remove the ballast and starter, and directly add the 220V AC mains to the same end of the LED fluorescent lamp. (American standard)

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