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Shopping mall lighting renovation plan

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Guangdong Jiarong Supermarket Co., Ltd. is a multi-format modern retail enterprise mainly engaged in chain hypermarkets, concurrently operating community life supermarkets, shopping malls, and professional department stores. Over the past two decades, Jiarong has always adhered to a chain development path with characteristics, in line with local reality, and close to the lives of the people, adhering to the corporate spirit of "unremitting pursuit and continuous surpassing", advancing with the times and making bold innovations. At present, Jiarong SPAR has more than 100 stores in Dongguan, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Huizhou and other regions, with an operating area of more than 700,000 square meters.

With the increasingly fierce market competition in the shopping mall and supermarket industry, and the industry has entered an era of meager profit, how to reduce operating costs has become a question often considered by mall and supermarket experiencers. In particular, huge electricity bills have become an important part of supermarket costs. How to control electricity bills has become the key to energy-saving transformation of supermarkets.

QUEENDOM Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional lighting energy-saving retrofit lamps manufacturer, will analyze the lighting status of shopping malls and supermarkets from all aspects, and carry out energy-saving retrofits for shopping malls and supermarkets through the company's high-quality lighting fixtures and reasonable design schemes.

2. Supermarket lighting design standards and lamp selection

   Shopping mall lighting plays a very important role in attracting customers and promoting merchandise sales. It keeps sufficient light and color coordination on the sales site, creates a comfortable shopping environment for consumers, and creates a good shopping atmosphere. It is also important to the design of supermarkets. It is very important, and it is also of great significance to help customers correctly identify products. Therefore, reasonable lighting design is important for expanding the impact, promoting the purchase and sale of goods, and ensuring safety.

Analyze the lighting requirements and design points of different subdivisions of the shopping mall, and equip the corresponding lamps reasonably..


Main area Design illuminance Lamp selection Color temperature Remarks

Office area 300LX 600*600 Geshan lamp panel 6000K basically meets the illumination requirements of the office environment and effectively protects eyesight

Cashier area 800LX 6-inch downlight + concealed light belt 6000K The cashier area requires high illuminance. While ensuring the lighting requirements, the comfortable and bright lighting environment can effectively relieve the fatigue of the staff

Warehouse area 150LX tri-proof lamp 6000K basically meets the warehouse illumination requirements

Department store area 500LX 6-inch downlight + hidden light 6000K white light tones construct a clean shopping environment, improve consumers' relaxed and happy shopping mood, highlight the bright colors of goods, and stimulate the impulse to buy

Receiving area 150LX 18W tri-proof lamp 6000K basically meets the illumination requirements for receiving and shipping

Processing area, aquatic product area, chilled area 300LX 5-inch anti-fog downlight 4000K basically meets the requirements of the illumination standard of the processing room

Daily distribution area 800LX double bracket with cover + rail spotlight 4000K warm color can make frozen food more fresh, achieve better lighting effect, attract consumers' attention

Bread, cooked food, fresh meat area 800LX double bracket with cover + rail spotlight + 5 inch downlight 4000K The warm color of 4000K makes food more color, fresh and more appetizing

Fruit and vegetable area 800LX double bracket with cover + fresh light 4000K



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